?'s on good prohormone stacks

  1. ?'s on good prohormone stacks

    Alright I never thought I'd have to post and ask this but I haven;t been reading up on **** like i used to and i haven;t visited the board in i don;t know how long. Let me get to the point though. I see alot of talk about this M-1-t and other things and I have not heard anything previously about it. I have done 2 cycles with BDC's t-1 pro and of course followed the cycles with clomid and nolva but now I have no clue what people seem to be relying on now. I read some of the prohormone stacks used but find myself confused still. Basically I'd like recomendations without injections cause its not my thing. From there I'll take matters into my own hands on looking up how they work, etc. It'll be much appreciated

  2. Try reading this thread...should get you started.

    New PH FAQ-M 1T and other Methyls

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