Sudafed & antibiotics on methyls? Ok, or not?

  1. Sudafed & antibiotics on methyls? Ok, or not?

    Ive been feeling miserable for the past week, week and a half... Just when I started really killin it on cycle. I've lost 5 pounds from being sick so far, and all my lifts went down slightly.... Talk about some depressing ****. have only made it to the gym a couple times in the past week or so... I'm starting to get back in the gym though, thank God.

    Anyways, turns out I have a sinus infection. I have to take amoxicillin & sudafed, as long as there's no negative effect between these and the methyls, I plan on powering through it and continue on as planned. Any help is appreciated! Thanks..

  2. how long are you on amoxicillin for?

  3. I don't think sudafed with a methyl is a problem for your liver, but AASs and sudafed both have a tendency to raise blood pressure, so you should monitor that. I'm not sure what the interaction with amoxicillin would be. Whenever I have a sinus infection my lifts suck, I'd be inclined to stop taking the AAS (or at least cut back if you're concerned you're loose all your gains) until I'm better.

  4. get off your cycle and wait until you are better. you are not using the AAS to its full potential nor are you training to ur full potential while sick.

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