SD Pulse for 4 weeks bridged to straight Halodrol cycle for 2-3 week

  1. SD Pulse for 4 weeks bridged to straight Halodrol cycle for 2-3 week

    Would this be a bad idea? I know a handful about pulsing... just never saw anyone do a pulse bridged into a regular cycle...

    You might ask why... well im gonna be limited to supplements mon-fri for about 6-8 weeks aka im going to jail with work release... but i will still be lifting tue/thur and doing bodyweight exercises mon/wed/fri (lots of brutal core exercises)

    anways since i can only supplement mon-fri I would like to do a SD pulse 3 days a week the last 4 weeks im in and then jump right in a straight Hdrol cycle for 2-3 weeks when I get out

    Obviously id run cycle support mon-fri, as well as when i get out I have Tamox and TCF1 and Erase im gonna run in PCT....

    Any suggestions?

  2. hdrol for 2-3 weeks would be a complete waste

  3. What would you suggest my friend? Thats why i posted, to get an idea

  4. most people seem to be running epi after hdrol if anything. i'm kinda looking to do something similar man...i'll be keeping an eye on this thread

    what do you think of maybe just straight pulsing to combat shutdown and other sides more? dr. d even seemed to say that when you were pulsing that two methyls could be run together. maybe something like

    sd 30/30/30/30/30/30/30/30
    epi 0/0 /0 /45/45/45/45/45
    (dosages are 3x a week)

    then i've even seen people (in dr. d's pulsing thread) talking about adding a nonmethyl on top of the first few weeks...maybe something like mlmg thats kind of wet so that the epi would help harden everything out at the end. This is kind of what i took from the ginormous pulsing thread. if i'm way off base someone correct me.

  5. Id say just pulse the SD longer if u have enough to do so.

  6. Lots of burpies. On superdrol sounds good to me.....

    I say pulse the sd the whole time and run epi for 4 weeks

  7. I say start pinning!!! Just inj mon and thur so no worries about pulsing or bridging... Just my 2 cents.


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