Phera Names And Propadrol Questions/SD Halo Bridge

  1. Phera Names And Propadrol Questions/SD Halo Bridge

    I'm looking to stock up on PH's and having a hard time getting together my searches without all the possible names for Phera. Can you guys clue me in on some of the obscure phera names? Also what is propadrol, is it effective? It is cheap so I could try it, but I really want to load up on phera products.

    By the way SD/Halo bridge is going great. Halo seems to have helped keep muscles nice and hard after the SD. Still not sure if this is as good as my SD/Epi bridge. I still have another week and a half before pct. We'll see if I can keep most of it. I'll be done for quite a while after this to give body a rest.

  2. Give your liver a break... Look at inj!!!

  3. I absolutely would but I am so out of the loop it is not even funny(39 now). I would need help on that and I don't think that can happen here. What would be good for me anyway? I have used plenty of PS/PH/DS already. I've always been very careful with support supps and proper pct and time off.

  4. P plex by cel
    phera-bol by juggernaut nutrition
    phera plex is original I believe and it still online being sold if you look.

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