AAS/PH chart showing wet to dry. Anyone seen this?

  1. AAS/PH chart showing wet to dry. Anyone seen this?

    I'm interested in seeing a chart that shows AAS/ PH's going from the driest to the wetest or reversel ( like Tren-epistane, SD, etc) . I have searched but only found small samplings. If anyone has one or could put one together that would be great.

  2. theres alot of info out there man if you look. If you google a compound and find a write-up on it theres gonna be some info on whether or not its wet or dry. Alot of guys are gonna argue that your diet will determine whether a compound is dry or not, this can be true for some and not so much for others. Im not sure your gonna find a chart from the least effective steroid to the best or something like that. Different steroids for different goals bro
    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  3. I've done SD and EPI so I can comment on only those.

    SD... so dry. For a bulker... I was tight, and ripped like hell. I looooooooved it.

    Epi... very dry also. Comparable to SD for me but less mass gains.

    These should be on the top of the list for dry compounds. Although it will depend on diet... overall they are very dry.

  4. I could make a chart like this.

    how much you willing to pay to get a chart like this?

  5. Yeah it would take some time that no one will put into it. There are lists out there I've seen that you should look for. If you can't find one just google designer steroid profiles and learn about each one.

  6. best bet would be to buy a copy of anabolics 9th edition. the 10th edition is out now too.

    all the charts i've seen online have had alot of incorrect/mis information in them.


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