Help with Test and Est?

  1. Help with Test and Est?

    Bobby invited me over to post a question to the members of this Forum about my Andropause. I'm 53, 140, 5' 10". I've always been on the light side weight wise but I've always had good muscle tone and have been OK with my body.

    I had some health problems that have accelerated my entry into Andro. I don't want it to go any further. The idea of losing what muscle I have and replacing it with a pig gut is repulsive to me but I can't seem to keep the muscle and the gut IS growing.

    Bobby tells me that I don't want to shut my Est. down completely and I know I need to start taking Test. The research I've done on my own tells me that I want a sublingual Test that doesn't convert to Est.

    So, what would be the best to use at cutting back the Est conversion? And

    What would be the best Test product to use?

    I plan on doing saliva tests at least once a month to start until I get a feel for the right dosage and then I'll test every 3 months or so just to make sure I'm still on track.

    I'm also wondering if I need to cycle. At my age Test production is starting to shut down anyway and what little is produced gets converted so what would I gain by cycling?

    Thanks very much for your ideas and advice!


  2. What kind of health problem? It's going to be tricky meeting your criteria. The only sublingual I know of is Testred (methyltestosterone) and if the dose is low, say 10mg a day or less, it will not convert too bad. AndroGel 1% @ 1/2 packet a day might be an option too, but somewhat more expensive and not sublingual.

  3. What you might want to do, is go to Post this question for SWALE. SWALE is an HRT doctor, and should help you out.

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