nolva and clomid together

  1. nolva and clomid together

    i have a friend who is taking real gear and is hell bent on using clomid along with his nolva. i told him that really one or the other would suffice, but he is "god" in his own mind and knows evrything. well, he asked my advice on how to dose them together. so ive been searching on how to dose them together but i keep only finding threads on individual dosing. so, i was hoping you guys could help me tell him some suggested dosings. ( i really just keep telling him just to use nolva, but he's stubborn as hell) anyways, i was thinking the typical nolva dosage on starting last day of cycle - 40mg's week 1 and 2, 20 mg's week 3 and 4 as for the clomid along with that start it a week earlier 80mg's week 1 , 60 mg's week 2, 30 or 40 mg's week 3

    is this a decent suggestion to give him? the whole idea of taking the clomid 1 week b4 the end of his cycle was his. he said a friend told him bla bla bla. Is that even correct? what can i tell this dope?

  2. Nolva really seems to be the PCT of choice. Maybe there is a reason to take both, but I can't think of it.


  3. I've used both & found recovery to be a little bit easier than nolva alone. I used normal nolva dosing & just added 50mg/day clomid. It may work better with a higher clomid dose, but I get bad mood swings with more than 50mg.

    I actually found the nolva/6-oxo combo to be a little better, surprisingly.

  4. cool thanks for the input. he is so damn stubborn about the clomid be cause "his friend said so" i mean everyone is entitled to opinion but just because someone told you something doesnt make it god written. but anyways, any relavance to the actual timing of the clomid, i.e. begining it a week before the end of cycle, or is this just a wive's tale/

  5. Quote Originally Posted by realsoundjim
    is this a decent suggestion to give him? the whole idea of taking the clomid 1 week b4 the end of his cycle was his. he said a friend told him bla bla bla. Is that even correct? what can i tell this dope?
    if he is bent on using both, then let him. Theres too many different discussions and studies saying each is the superior product, i use both also, it prolly doesnt do anything but it cant hurt, so i dont mind.

    I personally do nolva the typical way you're supposed to, but i throw in clomid at 50mg everyday for a month.

    No don't start a week before he comes off, he will be wasting it. It really depends on what he's using. If he's using something like prop/fina, he will have to start a lot sooner, than if he's using something like test enan which stays in the body a lot longer after the last shot.

  6. i think he's doing t3 and sust. to me that's retarded because they are so similar, but whatever , he's an idiot. in that case then technically he should do it about a week before his last actual shot. correct me if im wrong, i'm a ph guy not a roid guy (yet). o and sorry bout puttin this in the ph section, i realize now it should have gone in the roid section. however, i think you guys no ur stuff, and i have been posting in this section for a while so hopefully all you recognize me.

  7. how are t-3 and sust similar? one is a couple forms of test and the other is a fat burner that affects the thyroid? Maybe you mean because sust has t-prop in it, i think it's only 25mg per vial or something, hardly enough to do anything at all.

  8. realsound-reread what i put about do the clomid/nolva AFTER your last shot, when the androgens have left your body...if you start a week before your last shot they wont do anything.

    I think sustanon stays in your body for 2-3 weeks after the last shot, which is a real long time. Some people wait this long to start PCT, but if it were me, i'd wait 10 days after my last shot and then start PCT.

    Your friend, needs to do his research, seriously. But i say if he's going to use both nolva and clomid, then let him do the nolva the normal way, where you start off w/ more for the first few weeks then drop it down, but keep clomid at 50mg ED the whole way through. That is if he chooses to do both, now if he plans on only using clomid, then he needs to up the clomid in the beginning obviously. Also i'd tell him to start PCT 10 days after his last shot.

  9. oops, thats what i meant to put - AFTER the last shot. my bad. good call. and yea ur correct in ur reasoning of why i thought the 2 were similar, as well. ur on Point son. anyways, yea , im tired of bein his bitch, he better do his own research. lol. ok, so im lookin at tellin him typical nolva style along with 50mg's clomid for the 4 weeks. thanks guys


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