two unrelated questions (1.d-plex vs. masteron, 2. friends birthday while on orals)

  1. two unrelated questions (1.d-plex vs. masteron, 2. friends birthday while on orals)


    1.) is d-plex similar in feel to masteron?regarding cns, mood, strength etc.

    2) what excuse does one use for not drinking when its your friends birthday? (taking oral steroids)

  2. ah, maybe i will say im on antibiotics.thats a good excuse.and no, i cannot tell them im on something else, i barely know the people there.

  3. Just drink water and say its vodka and something else. U will look like a champ killing all those drinks. Plus the people most likely to care u arent drinking will be so sh1t faced they wont notice.

  4. Orange jucie and lemonade and say its vodka and orange only problem u hav is if someone buys u a drink. Evin the the car

  5. You shouldn't have to have an excuse to not drink. I don't ever drink and I never get asked why I'm not drinking. People generally have respect enough that you're an adult and can decide if you'd like to drink a beer or a soda or a water. As long as you're there celebrating and having a good time with them, who cares if you're drinking or not?

  6. And I've never taken masteron, but I am one of the few people who LOVE d-plex. I get a good energy/mood boost, great agression (sometimes I have to check myself outside of the work etc.), strength gains are decent but nothing to write home about IMO. Great for a recomp. Definately increases muscle hardness and vascularity if you're lean enough.

    I can say, however, that it is nothing like Methyl Masteron

  7. thank you, thats exactly the reply i was looking did you dose it?
    i was thinking of taking 75mg all at once to get a larger increase in said mood, energy boost.the description sounds very similar to masteron.its exactly what i want.

    as for the alcohol.its just that there were people who i havent seen in a while and they want to drink with me.declining kind of makes them sad, disappointed.they are not my close friends, those wouldnt bother me about it.
    anyhow, i got away with one "respect beer".lol


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