1. lipostabil

    anyone here used lipostabil yet? all i hear is great things from the boards.. doesn't look TOO expensive either for the results..

    before/after pics? anyone? bueler?

  2. actualy most people haven't had good resultz....I ought 5 kits used one with out anh resultz ... ..I have put onb fat in fact.....pisses me off.....I might have gotten a bogus order.....I will be using the other 3 kits this week on my abs...

  3. yeah, i would be interested in some results from your testing buyb12 , im lookin at topical [ ive read about] PGE2a and hoping to here some results on it not bs. on it for kiling fat and building laggin muscle but i think they say it might only work on the fat maybe. someone is trying it i think.

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