A little background, 6' 200lbs @ 12% bf, 43 yrs young.

I just completed a 5 week cycle of Hdrol @ 50/50/75/100/100 and responded well, gained a couple pounds, but dropped 3% bf. I am in PCT right now, taking Nolva @ 20/20/10/10 with post cycle support and testopro & Powefull, will add Lean Extreme in week two to combat and Cortizol. Planning on staying clean until January, at which time I would like to run a bulk/recomp bridge.

I am looking for suggestions on what product to use for the bulk phase of the cycle, maybe Dbol?. I plan to use Oral Tbol at 50mg per day for the recomp phase. Of course I will be using Cycle Assist all the way throught. I have a script for Nolva, so this will be on the list for PCT as well as Post Cycle Support and Testopro to get thing restarted properly.

FYI, my Dr has agreed to do blood test and monitor my BP on the way through.

I am looking for suggestions on the bulk product as well as what you think the bridge would look like.

Thanks for the input guys.