Helladrol Cycle Help

  1. Helladrol Cycle Help

    looking for a crazy bulking stack, but really like having hair. I want to do helladrol maybe stack it with Epistrong or beastdrol. Now my question is what can i take to prevent or help prevent hairloss??? This is pretty much the only question i need answered thats why i started a thread about it. Im sorry if you seen me asking this question before, but obviously I've never been directly answered or if theres another BULKING ph you recommend that doesnt cause hair loss please let me know. Will propecia work or any dht blockers out there. Please only responses that adress my question. The sooner someone can help me out the sooner i get my bottles so please help me thanks.

  2. I don't think the PH's are gonna cause any hairloss, i have sorta thinning hair and SD/HD/Epi have never accelerated hairloss for me or made it worse..

    But just to be safe you could try some Nizoral shampoo, or i just found out about is another shampoo that lowers dht in the scalp is a topical caffeine shampoo, I'll get the name for it in a bit, forgot what it was called.

  3. Propeica is used for hair loss prevention while on cycle.

    Theres a big sticky on here for hair-loss prevention.. read that and learn as much about propecia as you can before using it and before deciding whether to use it or not. Helladrol and Beastdrol will be better options for you if you're worried about hair loss since Epi is more related to DHT.

    My understanding of finesteride is limited as I've never battled hair loss so read up.

    Nizoral shampoo is also used.

  4. Dont use finasteride, too many horror stories..

    Get some nizoral, and the only compound I see you shedding some hair is the epi..

  5. It's called Alpecin shampoo.

  6. okay thanks for your help and input guys i really appreciate it. I have nizoral on hand and im going to take Hair Essentials for Hair Growth* and its a good dht blocker from what ive read. I also dont like the sides to propecia/finesteride as i am very susceptible to everything. So im going to run nizoral and the dht blocker during the whole cycle hopefully i wont see any shedding or thinning.

    on cycle- nizoral,dht blocker, liver fix, multi vit, fish oil

    pct - nolva 20/20/20/20 and clomid 50/50/50/50

    How does that look? and any suggestions on how i should run the hellabeast stack would be great. Thank for your help


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