Is M1-T really that bad??

  1. Is M1-T really that bad??

    I have a chance to get my hands on some M1-T. Everyone says it was the best, but at the same time they say they will never do it again. Is it really that bad? If I have no problems with 20mg of Superdrol over four weeks should it be ok to do 10mg of M1-T?? Opinions based on experience??

  2. Made me piss blood.. but others mileage did vary.
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  3. for a lot of people it really is pretty bad. but apparently amazing if you have a high tolerance. but my take on it is that the toxicity is disproportionately high for the gains, and that something like Superdrol is just all around better
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  4. I was fine on it. I've cycled it 4 times. Never more than 4 weeks, with perfect life support supplementation and PCT.

    I'd say that if you are ready to play the the big dogs, before you get off that porch, read, read, read and when you are done, read some more. I have a great PCT protocol if you want. PM me and I'll give it to you. I've sent it to a couple of users. It works perfect and helps you recover from the shutdown.

    Don't go over 40 mgs and only run that high for maybe your last week, but if lethargy is bad, cut it back down. I always went 10/20/30/40 and then was on PCT for about 6 weeks after. With proper research you will keep your gains and enjoy the cycle. Without it you will have estro rebound, gain fat, and lose your gains.

    I recommend it and wish you the best!

  5. i broke PR's with it left and right, a guy on MFF is logging it and he's also breaking PR's like crazy.

    YES it has alot of sides and YES this compound is not for everbody, if you think you can handle it go for it.
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  6. i ran quite a few m1t cycles in the past and yes it is a serious product that should never be underestimated. personally i always kept cycles to a max of 3 weeks (usually 2 weeks) and when on m1t all support products need to be used preferably preloading with them and of course proper pct is needed, that said however i always found that sd was much worse for sides. if your cycle is well planned and dosages kept reasonable i don't see why you can't have a successful cycle, there will be sides (lethargy, high blood pressure,suppressed appetite, liver toxicity and shutdown etc) but the gains are great. if you go with it research as much as possible and i wish you the very best, personally i think although its a harsh compound it is still to be matched in terms of effectiveness and all sides will pass when the cycle is done.


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