this will me be my 1st cycle i've done of PH or anything near it.

    i need too know a few things and anyone who could answer them i'd really appreciate it.

    Where's the best place on the net too buy them so i know i'm actually getting what i am paying for.

    M Drol or H Drol

    Howmuch should i take a day and in what pattern

    im 6ft and about 85kg

    what should i take too protect myself while on them

    what should i take after them

    i'm looking to do a month/6week cycle.

    and anything else i need to know been a total noob to this
    kind regards


  2. Search.. This has been discussed about 5 million times.. You'll get more responses if you give an outline on what you want to do instead of trying to get everyone to build a cycle for you.. I'll give you a couple words of advice (though you should really find it on your own). If it's your first cycle I would go with h-drol and I recommend Nolva for PCT.

  3. but honesty.
    i really don't know where to start and i can't find any total newb articles on this?
    like what cycle should i do
    what supps should i take with it
    what else should i take with it and how too prevent sides

    any good help would be appreciated or a link too a newb article

    oh and im looking too gain more mass

  4. I would do hdrol at 50/50/75/75/75. Much less harsh than droll for your first cycle. You are going to need to take support sups and pct. Just google pct, as far as support sups you will need [email protected] per day also use fish oil at minimum. I could keep going but I don't have time. As far as where to purchase google ************* and nutraplanet.

  5. thanks

  6. Lockout supplements has the best prices

    get A serm for pct

    cycle assist while on two bottles would be needed if you wanna run it pre loaded 2 weeks through pct.

    You want to keep sides away don't do steroids. You will have to deal with the sides either way, m drol will be much much harsher on your body than h drol.

    Search h drop cycle logs and read how others have ran it for their first cycle. There is countless logs.


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