1. Ds....

    what are the binders/fillers in the M4ohn tabs? THere is no ingredients list anywehre that I can find and it is vexing me.



  2. yeah mine came from 1fast without any labels on them at all. But Mike did put in a lil about the missing labels. No big deal to me. Have no idea what the fillers are though.

  3. I got the same little note for him. All I can say is God bless him, some companies might just wait till after the ban and then say, well I got you cash but sorry, I can't send you your CIII now. I think it's cool that he was more concered about getting it out ASAP. I always get good, fast service there. Anyway, ask Sldg but I would guess HPMC as the pill cut judging by the size. I haven't tried to break one yet. If it's soft, maybe Mg strearate. What are you trying to do?

  4. You should be able to read it off the label. I didnt get my labels in time from the printer. I know it is more improtant to have those bottles out asap. They should all be getting labels now.
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  5. thanks.



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