wieght gain/loss, strength, body composition

  1. wieght gain/loss, strength, body composition

    I've seen alot of people talking about not seeing the scale go up or down, and getting discouraged. i was thinking, though, that you really gotta keep in mind the other factors like strength and body composition change. just because the scale don't move doesnt mean your not making great progress. say you stay the same weight, but if your body has reshaped itself then you are way better than when you started out. as for strength, first comes strength and then size. strength gains to me are just as important or maybe more than seeing the scale move. just my 2 cents on a subject i was thinking about. just felt like typing

  2. I know that this is really basic, but i was trying to explain it to my younger brother and then felt like typing about it just for no real apparent reason. ; )

  3. This is why I trust the mirror and not the scale.

  4. i completely agree. i'm finishing up a s1+ 4-week cycle, and i've only gained 2-4 lbs on the scale. however, i've hit new pr's in every single exercise, and everyone i know has commmented on my body composition change. i've been accused of using real gear by 3 different people; they all claim i couldn't make such a big change in a few weeks w/o doing something illegal. i will never worry about what the scale says when i'm making progress like this.

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