Bulk and cut in the same cycle?

  1. Bulk and cut in the same cycle?

    I've been reading up on D-plex/The One and many are now saying how useful it could be for using on a cut and not so much as bulker.

    So hypothetically, if one starts with SD for 3 weeks and puts on some solid mass, is it then too risky to do 3 weeks of eg epi or hdrol or The One/D-plex to cut with? in theory the steady flow of anabolics would help preserve the muscle whilst permitting fat loss, but conversely it might be too much strain and all that hard work on the SD might be wasted.

    What do you guys think?

    ps this is not my plan for my cycle, but something i may consider for spring 2011.

  2. I would go the reverse, cut first then turn into a lean bulk once you are lean enough

  3. the cycle has to be long if you bulk then cut. My cycle is bulk->recomp->cut so that you hold onto bulking gains for a bit before you cut... my cycle is also very very long. You shouldn't start cutting immediately after bulking.
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