RESEARCH Chem EXPRY Date / shelf life?

  1. RESEARCH Chem EXPRY Date / shelf life?

    anyone know the shelf life of RESEARCH Chem's after the seal has been broken? or had any personal experiences they'd like to share relating to this?

    i have some clen that is 7 months old and my rat is getting fat these days and he would like to know, thanks.
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  2. 45 views and no answers?!

    come on help a brother out!
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  3. Not sure man. I'm sure it's fine though. Worse Case it will be a little weaker but your rat should know with a few hours of it. =]

  4. Bump. Any more feedback?

  5. its hard to say because the compounds they used to make the liquid clen have many different exp. Usually a vial containing a medication will have a shelf life of 3-5 years with out being open,once its been open its usually gets 1 month to 6 months of exp.

    But lets say its over a month of its expiration, you could still use it but It wont be as effective. But thats only for orals. If its an injectable and its past its exp than that something you throw away because of the chances of bacteria building up. But thats another story.

  6. Contact the company from which you obtained your chem!
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