Anyone who has both used The One and D-plex

  1. Anyone who has both used The One and D-plex

    Just wondering if anyone has used both, and felt the same.

  2. na, If you got a bottle of dplex, you can send it to me, and i'll tell you if it feels the same as the one, which was nothing.

  3. It feels the same to me as far as I can remember. Good mood lift/energy for about 6 hours after dosing. Good agression in the gym. Profusive sweating doing casual everyday activities lol. Good libido. Hard muscles. Yeah the d-plex is def legit bro. Idk what's with all these people saying they didn't respond at all to The One. Maybe they weren't dosing high enough? I love it for what it is, but that's just me.

  4. yea, maybe I didn't go high enough. I was only using 4 caps (120mg) e/d.

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