Anyone who has both used The One and D-plex

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    Anyone who has both used The One and D-plex

    Just wondering if anyone has used both, and felt the same.
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  2. na, If you got a bottle of dplex, you can send it to me, and i'll tell you if it feels the same as the one, which was nothing.
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  3. It feels the same to me as far as I can remember. Good mood lift/energy for about 6 hours after dosing. Good agression in the gym. Profusive sweating doing casual everyday activities lol. Good libido. Hard muscles. Yeah the d-plex is def legit bro. Idk what's with all these people saying they didn't respond at all to The One. Maybe they weren't dosing high enough? I love it for what it is, but that's just me.

  4. yea, maybe I didn't go high enough. I was only using 4 caps (120mg) e/d.
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

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