PH's Showing on Drug Test

  1. PH's Showing on Drug Test

    Hey bros. I'm in the middle of a trans4ad and m1,4adiol cycle and I have to take a drug test in 4 days for this new job I'm getting. I'm not real worried b/c I'm not doing anything against the law, but I was a little concerned. Not only are they legal, but I'm also under the understanding that employer type drug tests do not even test for any kind of anabolics because the tests are so expensive. Anybody have any experience or suggestions on this topic?

  2. your correct they will just test for rec drugs

  3. That is what I thought. I know it says this in one of the "stickies" as well. It said they are only tested for in athletics. I was more or less curious if anyone has heard otherwise. I know the majority of employers probably do not test, but some of you may have heard a few stories claiming otherwise? I just wanted to hear some counter claims if there are any.

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