Anxiety/panic attacks on Test-E

  1. Anxiety/panic attacks on Test-E

    Hi im Aron,

    Right the problem is.....i had my first Test-E jab (450 mg) on sunday night and since then i have had two small anxiety/panic attacks and have generally being feeling quite down and depressed since monday.

    I was expecting the opposite to be honest ( loving life, high libido etc).......What do you guys think the problem is ???

    Should i lower the dose and see how i feel and if i then feel ok gradually raise the dose ???

    Just stop taking it ???

    Or is the anything i can take to help with this ???

    Thanks for taking the time to read this guys.


  2. 450mg???
    u kidding right? and this your first time in AAS or test E?

  3. No unfortuantely im not kidding bro.

    do you think i should try 150mg and see how i feel on that ?

  4. Its probably not the test honestly.

  5. i dont even think it would be effecting you for 4+ weeks let alone the next day
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  6. One shot of test isn't going to kick in that fast and 450mg of test is a ton. Judging by your writing this is your first time, you should be doing around 500mg a week.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by aronaronaron View Post
    No unfortuantely im not kidding bro.

    do you think i should try 150mg and see how i feel on that ?
    just like the other fellas say.. do 500 mg a week split to 250mg dose...
    example inject monday and then thursday...

    I do not think it was the test, maybe the thought of you injecting yourself made you panic or you may have hit a vein...

    I did this once on my quad turned white and puked.... but it goes away..
    just mental bro.... u be ok!!!
    relax and breath..

    what gauge you are using?

  8. It hasn't even kicked it yet.
    Not the test, and more than likely a placebo effect.

    450mg is a lot though. Drop it to 300mg.

  9. It could be estrogen-related. I'm doing 150 of prop eod and I started getting depressed and lethargic. no panic attacks really but just felt like ****. as soon as i started taking arimidex .5 mg eod the symptoms disappeared. now im back to feeling great

    if u dont have an AI already u need to get one if ur running test


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