does 1-ad(1 tesosterone) work as like an AI?

  1. does 1-ad(1 tesosterone) work as like an AI?

    I was curious i am stacking m14add with it- if it will keep the m14 from armoatasing i will save it for the pmag portion of my bridge

    does anyone know?
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  2. 1ad is a prohormone to the steroid 1test. no its not like an AI. Try a DHT derivitive or an actual AI.

  3. no no dont want an ai for the m14- the estro from it will help in mass gains

    i wanted to make sure 1ad did not act like epistane in relation to estrogen
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. 1-ad does not lower estrogen like an AI at all no. Epi is unique in that and however it works is kind of weird.
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