1. anti-estrogens

    anyone try nolvadex and proviron with there PH cycle? Holler back

  2. stop making posts!!!!!!

    As you've been told before, use the search button.

  3. well if you have read anything on either or, there are no testimonials, so I was making a post to see if there were any. It is also obvious that you are stalking me and have read my other posts, and that being the case you would know that just reading damn articles doesnt mean ****, numbers to go with it make it more believable

  4. you are unable to use the search button to find testimonials on people who have used nolva for post cycle? wow....

  5. as a matter of fact I dont have the time to search all day long, I work 8-5 and have a life after words which consists of ****ing my girlfriend and other assorted things. You obviously have nothing better to do then stay on this damn thing all day long. All I wanted to was to make a few posts to get some quick answers and be on my way, but no I have to run into dickheads like yourself... maybe try using less roids and do something with your life, or are you too far gone.

  6. enjoy
  7. Thumbs up

    Thank you JonBlaze639. You did the right thing.


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