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  1. m1T Stacker

    i received some bottles of M1t Stackers..They are packaged in the green bottle and it has 90 caps in them..I was told to take 1 pill for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks off,,and then repeat..can someone help me with a couple of questions

    1. has anyone heard of it and is this the legit M1t...

    2. is the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off cycle a good one..Followed with Milk Thistle and Formadrol Extreme..I have tried superdrol and Mdrol before and took milk thistle,Formadrol Extreme and chrysin 250 for my pct..things went great during the PCT...Then after a week or 2,i usually jump on LG sciences Methyl 1-D..

    i am 38 years old..an avid Body builder...i weigh about 195 to about 215...depends how my diet goes....


  2. 2 on 2 off with M1T you could use the formadrol during the 2 weeks off but after the cycle is over you should do a real PCT. Formadrol is not an M1T class PCT.
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