Why are so many m-drols bunk? I'm scare

  1. Why are so many m-drols bunk? I'm scare

    batch number 53898

    I really hope mine isn't bunk, does anyone have any experience with my batch of m-drol?

  2. Almost no batches are truly bunk of CEL M-drol, its mostly people using it who don't know what they are doing. there were a few underdosed (and overdosed) bacthes in a few of their products over time, but the only verifiable by 3rd party labs bunk product that I can recall them having was 1 batch of m1,4add

  3. mdrol is g2g bud, prolly 1 out of every 10000 bottles is bad
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. I have this exact same batch sitting in front of me

    take it for a few days and tell me if its good

  5. Fukk it buy some beastdrol son! Don't b scared

  6. Anyone who is in doubt I suggest you find a CEL rep on this forum or another and I've heard they'd be more than happy to send you a lab report on your batch, or that's at least that's what I've heard, I mean how many companys would at least do that?

    Ever since Unrealmachine ran that rare bad batch everyone started assumeing theirs was too because they weren't gaining like 20lbs in the first week. Let me ask you this, how many bunk cases were there before UnrealMachine spoke up? I'm not saying CEL is perfect I mean my god look at Toyota, I guess we should all run our cars off a cliff now huh

  7. Totally agree with the above... So funny how every is always worried about mdrol being bunk

  8. OP... you're good to go. By the end of week 1 you will know if it's working. Super kicks in fast. I love that about it.


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