So im going to start this off with a rant im ****ing pissed as hell. i just found out that the UG lab that makes my stuff makes it really under dosed. Acording to the label i was taking 600mg a week. But the guys at a gym i been going sometimes(in mexico, since i have a customer that has offices overther he wants me to take care of setting up his network and other stuff so, i dont want to miss gym time) told me agains that lab un less i got it really cheap and had several bottles and liked injecting more than 1.5 ml.

So after getting pissed and calming down, i went and got some human grade from a very famaous international lab. so im going to be doing 500mg a week since i had already 7 under dosed test shots(3 weeks and a half) im extending my cycle from 10 to 15 weeks.

Other than that being underdosed . i have gained 6 pounds so far. I just had my 250mg shot like an hr ago. it looked thicker and it took longet to inj. but it was painless. the onlithing diferent that i noticed this time is that i kind of got short of breath and some anxiety b ut got back to normal in like 5 mins.