Eating clean while on AAS hard?

  1. Eating clean while on AAS hard?

    For the past 2 years I have been on HRT, test e 250-300mg. I dont come off. I was able to eat clean with just test e.

    I always been eat clean no matter what (except for once a week cheat meal eating out). I stick vehemently to 30 30 40 (protein, fat, carb).

    When I started 30mg dbol, eating clean actually made me fatter. It cannot be from the estorgenic sides of dbol cuz I take letrozole every 3 days or so. Only eating a lot of saturated fats and more refined carbs ie white rice was I able to feel ok again.

    Ofcourse, I did try simply adding more clean foods but that made me feel very bloated and fat. Also, I lost strength in the gym and my muscles appeared flatter (despite the incr calories from clean foods)

    Can anyone give any input regarding this?

  2. yea i ****ing hate dbol it destroyed my physique, and havent been the same since.

    id stop Dbol immediatly and cut losses.

  3. Damn, what exactly did you experience on dbol?

  4. getting fat no matter how clean i ate even with good calories. and not overyly zealous amounts.

    just good clean cals.

    strength went up but the appearance in my abdomen changed for the worse, and ever since then i alllllllllllllways have a little pouch even when lean. it never wants to leave. and i can diet and supplement my ass off, dont dissapear. ill even have veins in my abdomen and ribs. but still the pouch.

  5. Wow thats messed up...anyone else had this problem on dbol??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rombusempire View Post
    Wow thats messed up...anyone else had this problem on dbol??
    gained 18-20lbs on dbol in 4 weeks.. can def still see abs.. but put on a decent amount of fat... id also like to hear if anyone else had this problem

    bf went from 10.5-13%... i look massive though... i was so hungry i could never sleep.. stomach would be growling.. could sleep for like 3 hours max before waking up hungry to eat again


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