Need advice on planning cutting cycle/pct

  1. Need advice on planning cutting cycle/pct

    Can anyone recommend me a solid cutting cycle and pct. There are specifics which I will list. First of all I have taken a few cycles in past and am well aware of the risks/proper care and also have a solid understanding of how they work. I am more so looking for advice on the criteria.

    -I would love strength/mass added but the number 1 requirement is dropping fat%

    - Have not severe but decent acne problems and would like to keep acne as controlled as possible.

    -Have not severe but fairly puffy nipples sometimes and also slight gyno in left pec from puberty but may have been aggrivated by cycles.

    -Intent on after cycle pct in attempt to not only curb gyno etc but hopefully reduce existing gyno.

    Again I have a solid understanding but I am no means the most expierenced or knowing user and would love personal opinions/results/help. I am not rushing into this and would be very appreciative of solid advice. Thanks for your time and just to once again mention I want to cut/ hopefully reduce gyno/ control acne. These are the big 3 musts I am looking for.

  2. anyone?

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