oral supps spacing

  1. oral supps spacing

    What spacing do yall prefer, or suggest, for taking your orals? I'm taking 2 mdrol, 3 fish oil, 3 flax seed, 8(2x4) CA, 2 livercare, 1 multi.

    I take 4 CA, multi, fish and flax, and a livercare in the morning around 9. mdrol around 11. Then an mdrol, fish oil, flax, livercare in the afternoon around 3. Fish, flax and 4 CA around 630.

    Sound ok?

  2. I ran out of creatine and I ordered some bc + eaa, which is in powder form also. was going to stick the bceaa in morning and before bed, and creatine around 4 and 7.30

    oh i workout at 6.30

  3. bump

  4. No does not sound okay why is are your mdrols so close. Spread them out bro to help keep a little more even blood levels not a huge spike than a drop.
    I personally take my first mdrol when I eat breakfast so 9 or so. And my last one at say 7-8 so i can have a few hours to get some water down so I don't wakeuo feeling as dehydrated.

    Everything else doesn't matter when you take them.

  5. this is true- BUT! mdrols half life is short- if ur taking two a day- dont take one in the morning and one at- i would reccomend 1 around 9 am and one around 3pm mdrols half life i think is 6 hours
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. Ok so everything else is fine, just spread out the mdrol eh. even if my workout isnt untill 6.30 pm I should take at 9 and 3? Ah well I guess so eh. that will last basically from 9 am till 9pm. Now, next week I will be taking 3 pills, 30 mg total. Should I just do 9am, 3pm, and 9pm.. or should I throw the second one in before the workout?

    Also, could this spacing be whats causing this overwhelming lethargy? I havent been this "weak" before. I feel like I don't even want to talk come 9 or 10pm. And I don't fall asleep untill around 1am. Awake at 8am. I know these steroids cause lethargy, but I sure wasnt expecting this kind of shutdown.

    When I'm in the gym it however, a beast awakes in me and its utterly amazing. Today I benched 205 for the first time in my life. I had no spotter so I only did it once, I worked up from a warmup of [email protected] I wanted to try for 2 but didn't want to risk it. I weigh 195lbs currently, up 5lbs from when I started cycle 11 days ago. It truly is amazing how much stronger I have gotten already, and never expected this kind of result.

    Size hasnt inreased as much as I would like it to however, a buddy says I'm eating too healthy. So I'll try to throw more fat in the diet. I have a thread yall might have seen called "Don't think im eating enough" in the nutrition section. I've upped my caloric intake to about 3500 Sun - Thurs, but Fri and Sat are my weak days, sporatic eating.

    Sorry for the long post, most of you will only skim it lol.

  7. Yeah you can eat a little more sloppy on sd since your nutrient partioning is much better.

    I like even dosing personally. I also like to have alot of steroids in me at night when I sleep since it's a good anabolic time. I know most don't. So my last dose is usually about 2 hours before bed so I can have sometime to get some water in to help cleanse body and get to the bathroom a few times before sleep.

  8. you only can bench 205 x 1 at 200 lbs?

    I read somewhere on here that you should try to space your liver care supplements and your ds/ph's.

  9. 205x1 and ur doing steroids=epic fail
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  10. I prefer to always take a dose 1st thing in the morning with my 1st meal, then another dose pre-workout, and if you're doing 3 doses, another one sometime later in the evening. Usually i'll have all my doses in before 6pm.

  11. Yes, 205. Look I'm not huge like the rest of you. But I'm not embarrassed to say where I am at. Everyone starts somewhere. To me it is one hell of an accomplishment seein as how I never put up that much before. Thats what matters, progress. Not comparing me to you. I dont look like all the pictures you all have up. I'm not stacked and ripped. But I am training, and I am doing what I can to improve.

    I will get up there, but it doesnt happen over night. As long as I keep my head in the game and work hard, it will come. If you have some tips for me to get ahead faster, I'd gladly listen.


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