Androgel is useless but what if...

  1. Androgel is useless but what if...

    So if a person was taking 200mg a week of T for hrt but still had about 80 days worth of adrogel at 10mg a day left over, what could he do with it?

    What if you stopped the shots for two months while taking the gel then doubled up on the shots to 400 mg for two months before going back to the 200 mg weekly dose?

    Any thoughts?

  2. I used 100mg then bump to 200mg TC weekly plus 1 packet of Androgel daily without sides!!!

  3. Im on TRT and have both Testim (better absorption than androgel) and Test cypionate. I do 100mg every five days and Im currently supplementing with one tube a day of testim AND Im doing a cycle of Superdrol (in week one).

    The truth is that after four years of TRT, I notice nothing other than my test levels hover between 775-1100. From what I have read in Llewellyn, Roberts and websites, etc, really takes huge doses of Test (200-400 and up; per week) to really see the anabolic gains that most guys are looking for.

    Just my experience and opinion. So, I say blast away...........

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