Injured at week 3 of 4 week cycle PH cycle

  1. Injured at week 3 of 4 week cycle PH cycle

    I am currently doing a cycle of AMS 1andro 4ad. However last week I tweaked my back. I gave it some extra rest and thought I would just avoid back exercises for about 2 weeks to let it heal. However yesterday on my second warm up set for chest the pain intensified and I had to go home. I take this as a warning that I need alot more rest.

    Here is my question. Do I continue to take PH for the rest of this week and then start PCT next week even though I won't be training. Or do I start PCT now.

    The way I see it is that if I stop now. I can save more to do a stronger cycle next time. But if I do this. I will start PCT, but I won't be lifting the heavy weights I need to be kickstart natural test again.

    Or I can continue to take it for the rest of this week and start PCT next week. I probably won't be lifting heavy next week. But maybe some legs could be feasible.

  2. if you stop it now, and dont work out properly during pct you will just lose everything you gained.. not too mention the loss of an extra week for you body to hold on to the gains (in a 4 weeker vs 3 week cycles). i would just play out the cycle as you planned, even if you can't lift.

  3. I would also continue, lift much lighter, more burnout style. GL.

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