CEL H-Drol/Clomid Help

  1. CEL H-Drol/Clomid Help

    alright so the pct! should i run a serm or an OCT PCT. and if i choose to go the serm route is clomid alone enough for a 5-6 week cycle of CEL H-Drol. im planning on taking cycle assist by CEL regardless. preloading for 2 weeks and continuing throughout the cycle and on to the PCT!
    thanks for the help fellas!
    and i am new. so be easy lol

  2. anyone?

  3. A Serm is overkill for an H-drol cycle IMO, but it wont harm you any either. Serms have sides associated with them as well, and an OTC PCT will do the same thing for a H-drol user as a Serm will and you'll spend less $$

  4. i would run otc but never hurts to have a serm on hand just incase

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