SuperDrol Questions...

  1. SuperDrol Questions...

    Ok, so I am thinking of doing another SD cycle, first time around didnt get much outta it! However, my diet may not have been in check. Also, I see people are bridging it with Epi? Can someone give me an example? I thought Epi was really just a "Cutting" type where as SD is for "bulking" and puts alot of water on you. Not to mention SD is REALLY hard on you so I didnt think you would want to run a cycle much longer than 4 weeks? Or is it ok if its another compound like Epi?

    I know thats alot of Q's! Im just hear to learn...If anyone has some advice on dieting while on cycle as well, please chime in!

    O and PCT will be, Nolva 20-20-10-10 Cycle Support throughout as well as natty t booster (just because).

  2. did ur strength go up? any hardening effects?

    superdrol didnt put much of any weight on me, ive attempted to run it about 3 time and each time not gaining more than 2-3lbs. but the strength and hardening was definitely there

  3. The whole idea of bridging with Epi is to try and hold onto those rapid gains from SD. Instead of going straight into PCT after 4 weeks, you can add epi for the extra 3 weeks and keep building on them gains. Epi is also less liver toxic than SD. So an example cycle would be as so

    SD - 20/20/30
    EPI -00/00/30/40/40/40

    And you can adjust those doses to you're experience. Some people go lower on SD, some people go higher on Epi. All up to you and what you're body can handle.

  4. O I gotchya...Is it gonna be alot harder to bounce back tho since I will be shut down so much longer? And would nolva, cycle support, and a t-booster be sufficient for such a long oral cycle?

    Hmm, maybe the "real" thing is the way to go...

  5. if SD is giving water u have a crap clone or diet is off. it can be used for cutting/bulking. use comix for pct

  6. Im curious, I havnt seen it of the late. But 6 weeker eith epi ran at the same time as super then continue on with the epi when the super is done. Just seems to make more since to me. Epi usually "kicks"in 3rd or 4th week so wouldnt this be a good idea. I mean I know epi starts working right away as an active. But most "good gains" ive read start like week 3 and beyond.


  7. I started feeling epi week 2.


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