4ad Cypionate and upcoming cycle

  1. 4ad Cypionate and upcoming cycle

    I am planning an upcoming cycle w/ the following:
    1-Test Cypionate (DS) 1 ml EOD
    Test Prop - 100 mg/ml @ 1 ml / day
    Fina - 75 mg/ml @ 1 ml / day
    M40HN - 10 mg / day (back end of cycle)

    I would like to add 4ad cypionate as a base throughout but I missed the boat! 1fast400 is out of bulk powder stock. Sledge is out.. Has anyone tried the VPX 4 test?

    Also - would anyone recommend using CNW's 5aa cyp on the backend of my cycle to complement the M4OHN.


  2. you can still get some 4ad cyp from dazed...pm me

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