What to stack with Anavar?

  1. What to stack with Anavar?

    After signifigant lurking i decided to post.. My stats: i am 23, 205, 5'10.. This is my second cycle, which i didn't plan on doing but ran across some anavar from a friend who was getting married and getting out of the scene.. I have 150 of the 5mg's.. What would be good to cycle with this? Also what should my Mg/day of var be? I was thinking mabey 20mg a day of the var mabey increasing to 30mg a day the last week or two.



  2. What doseage of test would work well with the var?

  3. try to get some more var, 40-50mg a day would be good.

    for test, ~500/week

  4. 20mg of var a day wont do much for strength/gains. At your stature, you need 35-50mg/day and with how much you have, that would yield less than 3 weeks worth. Depending on your goals, the stack will differ. Personally, I really enjoy a prop/tren/var combo. You could run a quick 8 weeker or so, and the small supply of var will be a decent addition to the rest of the stack. This being your second cycle, 100mg of prop eod with 75mg tren ed or eod, and using the var at the tail end (or even front it) would be nice.

  5. Yea, i would love to step up the Var but it is a bit pricey and if i wanted to go 8 weeks at 35mg a day it will get pretty pricey..

    How about 35mg/day 5days/week for 5 weeks
    test-500/week for 8 weeks

  6. Test and anavar is a nice cycle. However, you really need to get a higher dosage. I would aim for a minimum of 30mg daily. The LBM gains from anavar are not staggering, but it si great for strength. Add that with 500mg of test weekly and you will have a nice cycle.

  7. I am doing about 60mg right now, good stuff .


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