Lump when injecting.

  1. Lump when injecting.

    Quick question. I injected into my pec earlier. I think I hit it a little higher then I usually do, but still in the pec. Anyhow, when I pulled out the needle, I got more blood then normal. Usually its just a little speck of blood, but this was a nice big drop that I quickly had to put some pressure on with my alcohol swab. It stopped relatively quick though. I aspirated and everything was good so I know I wasnt in a vein. But maybe I passed through a capillarie or something? dont know...just curious.

    Anyhow, also once I was done injecting I had a hard lump where I injected at. I was using a 1" needle and injected nice and slowly, so that was fine. The lump started going away after a few minutes, but I was just wondering what the hell it could be.

  2. Lightbulb

    I have heard of this before I think what happened was that you may have nicked a vein or capilarie. Your body sealed with the nick and carried the excess surrounding blood away.

  3. Makes sense, thats what I was thinking. I was thinking it may have to do with the blood.

  4. Be careful not to go to high on the chest because you have a major artery and vien that runs from under the collar bone down each arm.

    What probably happened with the lump was that some times when you inject into tissue it will cause a small pocket in the tissue and the oil will pool there. It will absorb slowly. Usually massaging can speed up the process. The blood probably came from passing thru a small vien.

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