Dieting stack: 3 supps, 2 PHs. Help me decide!

  1. Dieting stack: 3 supps, 2 PHs. Help me decide!

    Hey fellas. I started dieting a few weeks ago, and in a few weeks I want to kick it up a notch. I want to run a stack, but I'm debating between 2 Phs and 3 supps: M4OHN or Methyl-Dien and Tri-max, Clen, or Usnic. If I run the Methyl Dien, it will at the very lowest be at 10 mgs ed for at least 6 weeks (not a fan of mini cycles). M4OHN sounds awesome so far. Any opinions?

    Info: I'm 6'0 220 lbs, trainee of IA. I've been dieting for 3 weeks now and while my waist gets smaller, I've gotten stronger every single workout, so losing muscle has not yet been an issue.

  2. When you say you're "debating between", do you mean you will only be using 1 of the 5? I have no experience with those two PH, but I can tell you that I absolutely love clen while dieting.

    Any reason you're not considering M1T (unbelievable results to price ratio)? I'm about to experiment with cutting on it.

    Good luck.
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  3. No, no..I'm going to choose 1 cutting supp and 1 PH. I've already run the M1T and it was awesome. I'm probably gonna use it only for bulking. These new PHs are very interesting, want to give one a try.

  4. I would do the M4OHN (I'm very curious about this one too) and clen. There are mixed reviews on M-dien. Some people say it sucks and doesn't do much - I never heard anything like this about M1T.

    Just my 0.02. Please tell what you choose and how it goes.

  5. do some m4ohn and clen, would be your best bet.

    trimax will make you lose muscle especially if IA has you on 0 carb, I wouldn't do it.



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