water weight after cycle?

  1. water weight after cycle?

    Hey guys i ran a 6 wk cycle of HDROL 50/50/75/75/75/100 with cycle assist through out cycle and reversetol and t 911 for pct.... I leaned out really good and put an inch on in my arms and chest but when the cycle was over during pct i felt like i felt bloated and felt like i was holding fluid ... any ideas what i did wrong or any suggestions on what i could of done to avoid this...

    thanks in advance

  2. Give yourself another month to see where your body really is. You are not going to be "normal" right after pct is done.

    Part of it is just how it goes. I just finished cycle and even though my weight is down like 6 lbs during my pct I feel like my gut is bigger than it was on cycle. Probably due to how much eating I have been doing trying to keep my gains.

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