New to the board

  1. New to the board

    Hey all! I'm new to AM and have big plans for myself after stumbling across the site.

    Currently on a keto diet to shed fat. I'm 5'10" and was at 245lbs. Down about 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Just started ECA stack today and love the old Xenadrine feeling again.

    I will eventually get down to my goal weight of 180lbs, at which point I would like to start packing on the muscle, with the help of anabolics.

    With that, I have time to research what the hell I should do when I do start bulking back up, but I don't know where to start. I'm completely new to all of this and am looking for a basic resource that will help me understand a lot of what is posted here, as most of it is not for newbies.

    Any suggestions? I know that this site is a great resource, but without a basic understanding of it all, I'm lost.

    Any help is appreciated!


  2. Just spend the next few months reading the logs and write ups.
    A good place to start would be these links

    Designer Steroid/prohormone profiles

    OTC Hormone Chart

    Find a product that you like the sound of and being researching it.

    You should also consider buying Seth Roberts book.

    Make sure to study alot on PCT also, most ppl neglect that their 1st run.

  3. Well, here goes. Ive been a member on here for just about a year now. Im still learning new stuff everyday. Im on here on a regular basis. I use the search function everyday, for new things. If im curious about a supp that looks cool, search. If Im looking for new exercises, search. If I want learn more about different diets that work, search. Pretty much act like a sponge and soak EVERYTHING up. It wil take time, but as I see it, Time is what youhave. Goodluck buddy. Anyquestions, you can PM me.


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