sd bridge to hd

  1. sd bridge to hd

    SD 10/20/20
    HD 00/50/50/75/75

    Using cycle assist during cycle and pct

    pct will be nolva

  2. What is your question? I'm getting ready for a similar run.
    SD 20/20/20/0/0/0
    HD 0/50/50/100/100/100
    I think you are way under dosed on the Halo. Best time for Halo is week four and five. Add a week. UnrealMachine showed me this;
    SD 10/10/0/0/0
    HD 50/50/100/100/100
    The Super would be a kick start for the halo, which takes a lot of time to start working.

  3. Yea I know halo takes longer to kick in but I dont want to stack HD on top of SD for more than 2 weeks, so Im prob just gonna stick to the 2nd week overlap, but up the dose from 75 the last 2wks to 100.

  4. Take only SD the first week, then both for two weeks, then Halo only for the next three weeks.
    SD/Halo 20+0/20+50/20+50/0+100/0+100/0+100

    I guess 75mg halo is fine, but add another week. My halo only comes in 50mg doses.

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