aromatizable and AI

  1. aromatizable and AI

    swale says he likes to see people that are on a cycle using aromatizing compounds take an AI during cycle,so i would like to run a test cycle for 10 weeks sometime this year and would like to know how many people use an AI while on test prop. ? and if its nessesary to use HCG while on a just test cycle? i know it helps ,but is it nessesary?.

  2. no on both. just run 10mg of nolvadex ED or 20mg EOD and you'll be fine. HCG isn't really needed but you can run 250iu twice a week if you want.

    Unless your really bloating (not likely on test prop) no need for a AI. If you are bloating then .25mg of ldex ED with the nolvadex will help.

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