training question w/ strol

  1. training question w/ strol

    hey everyone i recently picked up 100 tabs of 10mg winstrol tabs. i was going to do 30mg ed. what i want from this cycle is to loose body fat and look defined/toned. every person at the gym will tell you when you are cutting you should keep reps between 15-20. when looking online on how to train while cutting, there are many sites saying it is a misconception that doing 15-20 reps will make your muscles more defined... and these websites are saying to train for strength and size by doing low reps and increase cardio for fat loss.. so my question is what method of training would help me achieve being more defined and less bf and why?

    my stats:
    age: 24
    height: 5'8
    bf: around 15%

  2. Diet! Cardio! That will get you lean.. Reps dont mean ****..

    Also, at yout BF% level, winstrol solo wont be so hot..
    I suggest you get a test base, run for 14-16 weeks while cutting/recomping, then add the winstrol last 4-6 weeks of cycle.. You really need to have 10% and under BF to enjoy winnie..

    Oh and winnie solo cycles arent that great..

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