Help Please! SD HALO Bridge

  1. Help Please! SD HALO Bridge

    I got this from UnrealMachine but wanted to enhance it a little. If you"re out ther let me know or anyone with experience.
    He wrote;
    SD 10/10/0/0/0

    I would like to do:
    SD 20/20/20/0/0/0

    Is two weeks of Halo and 20mg SD too tough if I take serious support supps and serm it up at the end?

  2. i made a thread recently on this very subject.

    Introducing SD (megavol) as a kick start to a Hdrol cycle

    have a gander. may provide some helpful ideas on doses/timings

  3. That's great. I think I'll go for it. Thank's for the thread. I had a typo in the first post.
    It will look like this;
    SD 20/20/20
    Halo 0/50/50/100/100/100
    I only have 50mg halo doses. SD work best for me at 20mg. 30mg is too much and ten doesn't cut it.

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