diet on mdrol hdrol bridge

  1. diet on mdrol hdrol bridge

    im gonna be starting a mdrol hdrol bridge soon and i was wondering how my diet should be on the cycle. right now im about 8 percent bodyfat and iam lean bulking. on this cycle im planning to stay this lean the whole way through while gaining muscle. do u guys think it can be done with under 200 grams of carbs? cuz i know that mdrol is carb sensitive so what do u guys think.


  2. Can you hit 200grams and stay there? Get in about 300+ grams of protein a day and the rest fats.. Gotta have some carbs with SD brah..

  3. so on that ill stay lean right. im only gonna be eating wholefoods too no junk food or anything. mostly complex carbs

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mshams View Post
    so on that ill stay lean right. im only gonna be eating wholefoods too no junk food or anything. mostly complex carbs
    Oh, you'll stay lean bro. You know your body better than anyone else, remember that..

  5. haha true true thanks alot man

  6. MSH..

    I had 150 grams of carbs for 2 weeks on Superdrol trying to stay lean. Was up 9 pounds ending week 2. Stayed lean as hell.

    Once you see the gains coming on, you can't help it but get greedy and start eating like crazy to grow more. I ended at 350-400 g of carbs, daily.

    You will stay lean on 200g. Make sure to get the majority of them Pre-workout, and Post-workout tho. Get some in the morning too to start your day, and you will be golden.

    Also, from my experience, I was able to eat LOTS of food putting on minimal fat as I would if I ate like that naturally.

    Use this to your advantage...

  7. thanks man ill do just that. basically i wanna stay at 8 percent if not maybe get a little leaner while getting 10 pounds of lean muscle from this cycle. so ur saying eat more than iam doing naturally to maintain this bodyfat on cycle?

  8. I definitely had to.

    Eating 150 g of carbs and maintenance calories with very high protein... and I was gaining muscle at a much quicker pace then fat making me look leaner as I got bigger.

  9. yea ill do that then thanks. id stay pretty lean and dry with these 2 compounds dont u think?

  10. I can't stand these super high protein to carb ratios. Of course steroids allow for greater protein synthasis but I think going over board and keeping carbs at 200 if you calories allow more is foolish. Even on steroids there is a limit to how much protein can be synthasised. Carbs provide a huge amount of benefits. Not only will they be converted to glycogen on cycle at huge levels allowing you greater workouts which will mean more growth they are like the work horse of muscle development.

    IMO I would set protein at maybe 225-250, get some fats In there and than fill the rest with carbs. Btw my post workou meals are usually about 200 carbs =]

  11. yea thats all true. but my main goal is a lean bulk not a dirty bulk so i have to watch my carbs and only get them from good food sources (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc.) Right now im doing about 200-230 grams of protein, moderate amounts of fat and 200 grams of carbs. i think i should still grow with this diet on cycle


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