Opinions on Upping SD dose before bridge

  1. Opinions on Upping SD dose before bridge

    On day 13 of 6 week SD to Epi bridge.

    SD 20/20/20/20
    Epi 0/0/30/30/45/45

    Eating a lot but not super clean. Have gained a bit (10lbs) but also a lot of it has been fat. Had a foot injury to start cycle so have done no cardio. Strength has been building but during the last 5 days all sides have disappeared and weight has started to drop weight gain about 7lbs now. Seems like the fat is sticking around as pants are still tight.

    I am eating about 700 cal over maint and 1.5 grams protein per lb. Should I go to 30 the last two weeks and drop a week of Epi?

    Goal is to bulk.

  2. No.. run SD for 4 weeks like you have it at 20 mg. 30 honestly won't make a difference. BRIDGE Epi in the 4th week at 30-45 mg and bump if to 60 for the last 2 weeks on it's own. Epi will dry you out, and lose the bloat... I think the bloat is what you think is fat. Temporary don't worry.

    If bulking don't stress too much about eating clean, just get in the food. Raise cals to +1000-1500 over maintenance if you wanna see some serious bulk gains. That's what I did.

    Weight will fluctuate on cycle, I was never steady. Up and down 3 pounds usually. Get 2 g protein per lb on cycle, can't afford not to.

    If bulking try to eat beef, less chicken and tuna and more beef as your main source of protein. 2 gallons of water a DAY... no if's and's or but's on this. Water was very important in my experience.

    Keep Epi at 60 mg when running it solo, you're a big guy. Epi is pointless under 50, except for the bridge week.

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