First Cycle - Test E w/ Dbol kicker.

  1. Lightbulb First Cycle - Test E w/ Dbol kicker.

    Whats up guys,

    I wanted to post about the cycle I just started (first shot this morning) and get some feedback from more experienced users. I did quite a bit of reading before starting, so I got the basics down, but figured some advise and or bashing can't hurt!

    I'm 5'11 just under 170lbs with about 13...15 % bf.
    I 've been lifting for years (on and off) and have been very consitant in the last 6moths, 4-6 times a week... good routine, hit all muscle groups at least once a week.
    Diet is in check, high protein moderate fat and carbs, 5-6 meals (or replacements) a day. I'll be stepping it up while on cycle and drinking like a fish.

    I've only done 1 cycle of andro (ph) in college (dumb) and creatine a bunch of times.

    My goal here is to gain & keep 15-20 lbs of solid muscle after PCT.

    Here's what my cycle looks like:
    wk 1-10 test e at 250x2 - 500mg / wk
    wk 1-4 dbol at 40mg a day spread at 10mg doses every few hours.

    I have armidex in the mail but will only use it if bloating / fat gains become too much or i get paranoid about gyno. Most likley do .25 mg eod day to curb the est.

    For PCT, I will start week 13 and do it for 4 weeks with armidex and nolva.
    I'll keep the armidex at .25 and nolva at 40/20/20/20. Should I also pick up some clmoid? From what I've read it's got some weird sides and does almost the same thing as nolva. Do Armidex, Clomid and nolva play nice together for PCT? Anyone ever use adex for pct? I can't get my hands on HCG so I'm still trying to figure out what i'll use to get my natts back in gear quickly... Nolva and Adex may not do it fast enough. Might just get Novedex xt (otc test booster) which has good reviews.

    One last qustion, since I'll have Dbol left over, does doing it week 9-12, right before PCT to "Finish stong" make sense or will the test be in full force and dbol not do anything except hurt my liver?

    Sorry for the long a$$ post... Please shoot as much feedback my way as possible. Give props and bash at will!

    Thanks in advance guys... Stay Strong!!!

  2. Cycle:
    Test-e: 500-600mg wks 1-12
    Dbol: 50mg Ed wks 1-5
    adex: .25mg EOD if needed


    Fish oil:10g per day
    H. Berry: 1g per day

    If your gonna use anything the last 3-4 weeks of cycle to harden up, dont use dbol, use anavar, winstrol or epi..

  3. Thanks.

    Should Adex be used during PCT or only while on cycle? I remember reading somewhere that Nolva and Adex shouldn't be used at the same time...I forget why though.

    I'm trying to avoid using Clomid for PCT due to the sides reported by others.

  4. Clomid is awesome. Sides vary, but they arent that bad.
    Adex not used in PCT.

  5. hi guys ; Im on my 1st test e and dbol cycle (10weeks) currently on my last week , I've gained 15 lbs up to the 6th week , when I stop taking dbol the gains also stopped ??? my strengh didtn go up as much , now im begining to think my test e is not high quality or could it be a counterfeit ??? by a chinese comp ??? global ........

  6. It is probably apple juice.

  7. Now the dex. This is something I'm not 100% sure on because I have seen it all. But would it be better to stop the adex after his last pin or run adex those couple weeks after than stop when he starts nolva


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