Old Avants ph gel help needed

  1. Old Avants ph gel help needed

    I have two 4oz bottles lying around and I decided to use it. I remember the old 8oz bottles could fit 12g of ph so logic tell me I can fit 6g in it. So decided to put 1/2g of m-dien and the rest 4ad. Would 1/2g of m-dien suffice or should I go 1g. I want to get 10-15mg in my system so how many squirts is that. I've tried to search for answers but I couldn't find it. I just think its outdated. Thanks for any help.

  2. Don't put the m-dien into a transdermal lotion, it's intended for oral use. The increased bioavailablity is the reason for methylating hormonal substances, putting it in the transdermal will do nothing to increase it's effectiveness.

  3. Putting it in the transdermal will decrease its effectiveness greatly!

  4. So whats the point of buying M-dien powder.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by wildcat24
    So whats the point of buying M-dien powder.
    NONE...unless you know what you are buying and why.

  6. could you make your own tabs.

  7. The point in buying a methylated powder is so that you can make your own oral solutions. It can be cheaper than buying tabs it just requires a little work on your part.

    There are numerous threads here that discuss making oral solutions.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by wildcat24
    could you make your own tabs.
    You can cap the powder, but from what I have read it can be really difficult due to the small amounts of powder per Cap.

  9. Yeah, try measuring out 1-5 mg. and capping...very difficult.

  10. Ok, I'll try making a liquid solution but the problem is I can't find anything specifically for M-dien. I found oral solutions for everything but M-dien. Can somebody point to a thread or know how to make liquid for M-dien. Maybe I missed it.

  11. Making an m-dien oral solution will be the same more or less as making any other oral solution. Buy yourself some Peg-400 and dissolve the powder into it. I think you should be safe dissolving 1 gram into 500 ml of Peg-400 or so, which would leave you a 2mg/ml solution.

  12. So 500ml of peg400 add in the 1g of powder and heat it for how long. I might add that I think I want 5mg/ml liquid solution so should I follow the Mohn(5mg/ml) that sldgehr provide us or is only for mohn. I just think that 2g/ml is too low of a dose.


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