Bridge H-Drol to Superdrol?

  1. Bridge H-Drol to Superdrol?

    I am 18 days into my first cycle of h-drol. So far, I am not happy with the changes - I've gained 11lbs, including almost 3" around my waist, and this was supposed to be a recomp. I think most of it is water, my diet has been about 300 calories per day over maintenance. Definetly some good strength gains, and I recover faster, but not worth it.

    I have Superdrol for what was planned to be an October bulk cycle. Assuming my SERM arrives first, what if I switched to 20 mg superdrol for the last week of this cycle? I'd rather do a good bulk instead of a crappy recomp.

  2. 11lbs and 3'' on your waist? sounds like you are over eating. especially as people say hdrol takes 2-3 weeks to kick in for the serious gains.

  3. I estimate I am 300 calories over maintenance
    300 x 18 days / 3500 calories per pound = 1.54 lbs
    I should be 1.5lbs heavier if I didn't gain or lose muscle.

    If I really gained 11 lbs of fat
    11lbs * 3500 / 18 = 2138
    I'd be 2138 calories above maintenance.

    I eat 3000 calories / day and estimate maintenance at 2700 calories. I know my real maintenance is above 900 calories per day, so it can't all be fat.

    What is wierd is I feel more solid - my waist is bigger, but it is like the ab muscles got thicker and what is under them got bigger. The stuff on top of my ab muscles hasn't changed.

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