HGH, what are the pros and cons?

  1. HGH, what are the pros and cons?

    ok my buddy said he can get hgh but i have no idea if it is even safe for someone at my age to take it(im 21). also, what are the side effects? any1 use it with good results? ima do a little research just figured id stop by here first

  2. first of all....you are only 21 and 160lbs...how long have you been lifting seriously for? What is your diet like? How many calories are you intaking per day? What kind of supplements and such are you currently or have you taken in the past? What are your goals for HGH?

  3. im not planning on doing it any time soon, just trying to learn as much about this stuff so i can be prepared when the time comes. prob start after 6 months or so.

  4. You might get a better response by posting in the HGH/IFG sub-forum.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by andrewcb View Post
    im not planning on doing it any time soon, just trying to learn as much about this stuff so i can be prepared when the time comes. prob start after 6 months or so.
    u should start after 60 more pounds or so...

    gh at a young age needs to be run at a higher dose to benefit from it. unless u plan on competing waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road, i wouldnt mess with it

  6. yeah you are YEARS away from needing GH

    GH is the kind of thing to look into when you've maxed out your genetics. So maybe when you are 220 and lean. Otherwise it's really not worth the steep price tag.
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  7. hey if $$$ is no issue......thats really the only con! maybe alittle more free radicals....but your way better off with diet and routin at your age!

  8. My advice is don't touch it....
    Like many of these hormones we all wish to get into our bodies many of them peak at about your age and then decline there after. DHEA, testosterone, melatonin, GH etc... typically decline from here on out for you, but this decline is minimal and for you to use these hormones at this age will only cause this "decline" to be greater.

    Just about all hormones have a negative feedback loop(some don't) this basically means if I take something that will tell my body there is something there without the body producing it well then the body won't produce it. That's why everyone cycles AAS, PHs and GH. We don't want to shutdown our bodies from producing these hormones.

    HGH also plays some weird roles within the body.

  9. Leave the HGH alone. Eat, Eat, Eat and lift heavy

  10. Lots of HGH = big distended belly

  11. i wouldnt touch it- sleeping good is enough for the release of the gh, perhaps an otc supp such as ghenerate(using it now- its no synthetic HGH but i get better sleep and more vivd dreams-signs of increased hgh if im not mistaken)- basically you ont need it man- many adverse side effects can come from it- cancer being one of them-Anabolic steroids- much safer- if done at the proper age and in the proper mannor
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