Sledge....Results of M1,4ADD Tests??

  1. Sledge....Results of M1,4ADD Tests??

    For many of you who might not know, there has been some question about what the effective dose of M1,4ADD is. On another board, Sledge identified 5 guys who would be testing at various levels for a month, from 30mgs to 120mgs per day.

    In visiting that board, I can only ID two participants and their results (the month is over). Sledge, will you recap the results for us (before I decide whether the 5g I have is enough before the ban guess is July 1st)?

    Also, how about some blood test updates for MD & M4OHN?


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  3. Well everyone did much better at the higher dosing. Here is what I have come up with.

    Under 180lbs and/or fairly new to phs (no m1t cycles) 60-90mgs per day

    180lbs and up 90-120mgs per day.

    No side efects were observed, some slight bloating but no complaints of gyno. Stregnth gains were very good as well as gains. I lowered the price of the raw powder and the tablets to reflect on how succesful the testing went.

    I havent had anymore blood work done on MD, I am very happy with ho wteh testing went, on more then one person, and dosing was tested past 15mgs without side effects. So the new dosing scheme for MD shoudl help everyoen get teh results they are looking for without side effects.

    I dont have the time right now to get bloodwork done on M4OHN, plus now that there are 4 other companies who are following my lead, let them get blood testing done to help promote their own products. I am tired of doing all the work for these other companies. I do the testing for my clients benefits as well as this board, I have yet to see another company show a lab assay (excluding Custom, 1 fast)or bloodwork for any of their products.

    I am working really hard on the new 7-oxo derivite and my anti-e/test booster. So i will be focusing on those for the next few weeks. If for some reason the ban doesnt happen right away then maybe something would be possible but I doubt it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    let them get blood testing done to help promote their own products. I am tired of doing all the work for these other companies. I do the testing for my clients benefits as well as this board, I have yet to see another company show a lab assay (excluding Custom, 1 fast)or bloodwork for any of their products.
    Unfortunately, this kind of stance will hurt you in the long run. Lets go back to Marketing 101 right now (yes, I have an MBA so consider this a pro-bono consultation). The reason you have such a loyal fan base, and a bulletproof reputation (as E-Dog was bitching about on today) is because you have differentiated your company from the others by your approach to these compounds, which includes the lab and blood tests. If you think about it, it would have been very easy for you to have lost this reputation in the MD scandal. Kneller flamed people and got run off, while you showed knowledge and test results.

    People aren't buying from you solely because of the pricing, but because of the extra things you do to support your products. After the ban, there will be a bunch of companies trying to survive by shotgunning out new products. Again, you can take the lead by proving your products work. Smart people catch on.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Sledge's practice has been and will continue to be blood testing and independent certification of assay on his products. He is just extremley busy right now with post ban preps.

    He recognizes the sales advantage of these practices.

    I'm presently sticking it to Edog on the product testing issue at BB. LG and HM are probably selling MethylNandrolone as M4OHN, and they know it or theydamn well ought to.

    IMO, until all the supp companies start independent US lab COA as Standard operating procedure, they should be challenged on this issue. I'm personally sick of all the unsubstantied claims by the manufacturer's, it's time for the knowledgable consumers to confront certain sellers on their overhyped bulls**t.
    Everyone has a point here. I buy DS products due to the testing and how Sledge cares. I can also understand why he would be too busy trying to keep his business rolling under the pressure of the Dumbasses I mean Govt. who should be helping small busnesses instead of crushing them to do bloodwork or testing at this time. I'm sure that Sledge did not mean that he would never again test his stuff or provide scientific feedback (IE: bloodwork) as you are right in the fact that he has separated himself from the "marketers" and is a true no-BS guy by doing so. It's just that he is not being allowed the time right now.

  6. You are all correct, I definetly will NOT stop doing bloodwork, I think it is a great tool and a huge advantage for me over my competitors plus its very good for all of you to see how these products work.

    I just dont think Ill have time to get bloodwork done on M4OHN before the ban and as everyone already knows these other companies are still not showing any lab assays, so they really couldnt use my bloodwork for any of their products since I am having bloodwork done on My powder which can and seems to be different from everyone else.

    Right now I am about to get testing done (as well as bloodwork) on the new 7-oxo compound, I have been working like crazy on getting more of the "test booster" info and then will have SS get bloodwork done on that as well.

    I wish I could get bloodwork done but by the time a few weeks of testing were done the compound wouldnt be able to be sold anymore, but like I have said I have a few compounds up my sleeve, so you can count on me to always do as much testing as possible. I do agree that this works best for keeping my customers happy and with me and I have always said I want return customers, which is why i keep pricing low.

    Thank you all for the great support.
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