Best stacks????for methl ph's

  1. Best stacks????for methl ph's

    What is or guys favorite stacks with the methl ph's? Just need some input on these ones. so i can pick up some before the ban.If u could rate them for me it would be a big help.

    example lean stack m1t and n1.4dd or so on.

    And how many bottles or grams of powder of each to pick up, looking for enough for 4-5 cycles!!!!!!!!

  2. My fav is 4AD trans with M1T. And I've heard great things about the 4AD cyp so I'm stocking up on that one as well for a stack with M1T later on. M5AA was great by itself. The other PH's I haven't been too impressed with but that's just me.

  3. SO or vote would be this for a stack.



  4. m1t and 4ad gave me gyno and shut me down incredibly hard

    I messed up the whole cycle though... because my diet was all screwed up - so i cant really vouch about the gains... though the side effects would have come regardless...

    I'm a fan of 1test, 4ad, 4oht, and m5aa... because I gained 24 pounds in 6 weeks, with minimal sides and little fat gain.

  5. My Stacks will rotate between:

    1. M1T + 4AD (Insane Bulking)
    2. 1-AD + M1,4ADD (Bulking)
    3. M4OHN + MD (Cutting)
    4. M4OHN + M5AA (Lean Strength Gains)



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